Deep Healing! Deep Rest! Deep Restoration!

by Wandafay on 01/31/23

Deep Healing!  Deep Rest!  Deep Restoration!

Traumas of life!  Recent!  Over time!  Back to childhood!  Back to even in the womb!  DEEP healing!  Mind, Body, Soul!  Deep areas of the person!  Relationship!  Co-Workers!  Relatives!  

Homes!  Homeless!  Marriage!  Children! — at every age!  Even into adulthood!  Elderly!  Anticipations!  The unknown!  Fears!  Terrors!  
Every conceivable imbalance of life!  Money, bills, health, How, Lord!  Trust!  Do your thing, God!  Take care of all!  Deliver all!  Protect all!  Restore all!  

Thank you, God!  Amazing grace!  In Jesus Name, Amen!

A few little prayers! 2 p.m. ET /11 a.m. PT

by Wandafay on 01/21/23

Sat. Jan 21, 2023 – 11 a.m. PT

INFRASTRUCTURE:  Internet, Banking, Roads, bridges, electric, gas, monetary, etc. 

Deadly #ALLERGIES to milk products, peanuts, etc.

High energy prices and other high prices as a result of manipulation by controllers trying to manipulate things in life and in this world because they are stupid, evil, and ignorant!  LORD, deal with them and bring prices down!  BLESS those who are affected in every area of life including manufacturers, employers and employees, jobs and businesses!  Homes, families, marriages struggling to pay bills and threats of homelessness because of it!  Stop it, Lord, and send immediate relief and rescue!  Now!  In the Name of Jesus Christ!  Amen


Global warming Climate change If it's real God deal with it!  Fix it!  BUT not taking away the RESOURCES He gave us to USE for energy!  That's STUPID!  THUS also God deal with the CONTROLLERS who lord OVER!

Perceptions that aren't real that lead to perversions, and OTHER perceptions that aren't real that lead to hate!


Morning prayer! Monday January 16, 2023

by Wandafay on 01/16/23

We come against MURDER, and all crime! 
We lose PROTECTION, safety!  Angels of God surround us!
We come against suicide!  Loneliness, depression, mental illness, family, marriage, relational fighting. 
We thank you God for your peace, love, joy, cooperation with each other!
We come against unjust killings in Iran or any other country!
We pray for God to CONVICT of sin, evil thoughts, evil presumptions.
We come against FEAR, fears, insecurities!
We come against lack!  of all good things! 
We pray for abundance!  Needs met!  Health, healing, deliverance!

God bless YOU and have very good day!

Deep prayer for situations!

by Wandafay on 12/11/22

Deep personal situations for people who are struggling or not in any and all areas of life.  Family, marriage, children, singles, elderly, people at end of life.  For God to intervene and take over and HELP when they may not know what to do in situations, maybe feel alone, abandoned, confused.  Many people, singles, and families going through so many things right now at a personal level.  God, we ask that YOU please help and intervene.   Give PEACE, HEALTH, MENTAL HEALTH, physical health and healing, wisdom, understanding, knowledge. 

Send Your Word, Lord!

Serious prayer!

by Wandafay on 11/22/22

It's all serious!  Prayer is!  But serious prayer over 

Mozambique  ISIS put ultimatum on Jews and Christians!

Killer of the 4 precious college students - Moscow, Idaho

Hate and / or perceived hate against LGBQ, Trans people and / or anybody who is different, or perceived as different, than what other people's expectations or requirements for humans are or think they should be.  We BIND the hate and any perceptions of people that make them a target for harm of any kind and / or murder!  

Other important situations needing prayer and attention

Rail - Unions 
Climate change and global warming if there is such a thing, asking God to intervene
PEACE, SAFETY, PROVISIONS, DELIVERANCE, SALVATIONS to all in our nation and around the world!  God is no respecter of person, and He loves us all and wants the best for each and every one of us!

Prayer that the fighting will stop.  That we can express ourselves, gently, firmly and for whatever.  But that we will stop hating while disagreeing!  

Father God, intervene!  

We love you, Lord!  In Jesus Name!

Various prayers for you, our country and world! Peace!

by Wandafay on 11/16/22

Health and miraculous healing for every and any harmful thing attacking your body!

Deliverance from any harmful substance or harmful mental addiction, attraction or any thing harmful!

Blessing and abundance in all areas of life!

Protection and complete safety from harm!  


Political storms that are abnormally wicked and hateful.  People are tired of it!  Communicate in peace and love.  Be strong about it but know we are all humans and have a right to our own belief.  

Forgive forgive forgive continually!

Love, Wandafay!  and MorningStar International, News and Prayer!

People come to Jesus!  Simply, by FAITH, right there where you are, acknowledge that you don't know how to do it, but you are willing to believe Jesus is God's Son and died for our sins and forgive me for my sins, come into my heart, save me, Lord Jesus.  Help me to trust you!  In Jesus Name, Amen!

I pray God's Holy Spirit flood you inside and out and keep you in His presence, lead and guide you all the way, put His arms around you, protect you, deliver you, provide every need and all that He is and has for YOU!  IN JESUS NAME!  Amen!

Things we're praying about today!

by Wandafay on 10/30/22


Ukraine - Russia - Putin
All foundational systems - Geographical
Towns - Cities - Suburbs - Country areas

And we continue to BIND crime, evil in all areas of life!  

Love, and God bless!  

Comprehensive prayer!

by Wandafay on 10/23/22

No nuclear warfare

No dirty bombs
No assassination attempts
No war and we push back the invaders!
No SURPISE attacks!
We BIND on earth and it shall be BOUND FROM Heaven!
God backs up these prayers and AGREES!
God is good the devil is evil!
We BIND whatsoever is evil on earth and it shall be bound from heaven with God's power and backing!

We thank you LORD for your HOLY HOLY SPIRIT!  
Thank you for Jesus!  God and Holy Spirit!
FILL us!  To overflowing!
Work through us to overflowing!

We BIND CRIME IN EVERY area of life high and low!
We pray for CONVICTION from you, Holy Spirit, of sin on earth!
Many who ignore they are sinners in need of our Savior Jesus Christ
touch them and draw them to Jesus by your power, Father God!
For REVIVAL from a GOOD FOUNDATION and your will be done YOUR way Almighty God!
We BIND accidents and close calls!
We BIND sickness and disease of every kind!
We LOSE Healing anointing deliverance from every bondage and hurtful thing!
Thank you for prosperity to the fullest!
We give you all the glory!  
To God be the glory great things He HAS done, is doing and is going to do!
In the Mighty Name of Jesus! 

All infrastructure and outer structure
Water supply
Sewer systems
Atmosphere and atmospheric temperatures streams and flows
Earthquakes we bind major destructive ones!
And everything else we can think of and you God thinks of that we did not mention here we pray for YOU to cover us, the earth, country, and our country the USA!

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Heating oil and prices! Inflation

by Wandafay on 10/17/22

Heating oil and prices

Inflation prices, food, gas, other!

Heating oil and prices! Inflation

by Wandafay on 10/17/22

Heating oil and prices

Inflation prices, food, gas, other!

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