Monday morning prayer!

by Wandafay on 09/28/20

Firefighters Firemen all fighting current fires, California or anywhere else!

Weather to change for the good of putting out the fires!  Gentle rain! 
For high pressure off the coast of California to dissipate!  Break it up Lord and restore cooler better weather, conditions to help put out the fires!  IN JESUS NAME!  Amen! 

All those traumatized by COVID19, loved ones lost around the world

Investigation from where it came from in China

CCP honest about the origins!

All those who lost homes and business in  riots, hurricane, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes

HEALING from traumas of life!

Protection on all!

Healing for marriages, families

Healing for business owners and jobs lost!

God have mercy!

Your mercies are new every morning!

Your mercies are forever!

We cry aloud to you God!  Help us all!

Forgive us all our sins!

Save us Lord!  

In Jesus Name!

Stop the hate!
Stop the curse of the hate!
Stop the curse of the hell!
The curse causeless does not come!

Help all repent and turn FROM their evil ways! 

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!



God bless our President and his marriage and family
God touch and bless our Congress and Supreme Court

Monday morning prayer!

by Wandafay on 09/21/20

Young couples and their children

Those devastated by the fires, Pandemic, businesses, rioting!  Lord have mercy!  Firemen!

Continued protection for all against the COVID19 pandemic virus!

Conviction to the CCP for manipulating this virus so it will hang on effortlessly to destroy western civilization so they can elevate themselves on the global spectrum!  But, God!  They forgot that there is a God and it is NOT them!  Jesus is Lord!

First responders, firemen and firewomen, nurses, doctors, hospitals, POLICE!  Protect!  Bless!

Prayer for the sick!  Healing, health, miracles!

Provision for all!

Delusions, hallucinations, mental illness!

Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, political addiction, hate addiction, lying addiction, manipulations by manipulators, deliverance for all!

Peace!  Be still! 

Love, Wandafay!

Peace between state and federal - Work it out Lord!

by Wandafay on 09/03/20

Help state and federal work things out so everybody is happy! 

I know that might take a miracle Lord, but you are the God of miracles!

Protect loved ones, family, friends!

Heal, deliver, bless financially!

Help ALL who literally may be suffering in their homes and no one to help!  Send your angels Lord!

Renew and refresh! 

There is no hell in Heaven! So we bind it on earth!

by Wandafay on 08/30/20

On earth as it is in heaven!

Well!  There is no hell in heaven so we BIND this hell on earth going on in our cities! 

Please! Can we just ...

by Wandafay on 08/27/20


Help Lord!

by Wandafay on 08/15/20

Help us through this Lord!

Help those who aren't doing well, or as well as we think they might be doing! 

Your GRACE is sufficient and we send it to our country and world! 

Bring us back Lord!

Bring peace, safety, needs met, renewed open doors!  PROTECTION, HEALING, DELIVERANCE!  SAFETY!  BLESSED families, marriages, kids, singles, elderly!  FATHER!  Have mercy!



Come in agreement please by simply saying to God  "Amen"! 

Thank you so much!

God bless!

Love, Wandafay!

Rescue humanity Lord!

by Wandafay on 08/12/20

Have mercy and help!  

Foreign interference into our elections!

by Wandafay on 08/08/20

We take authority over any and ALL foreign interference into our elections!

Continued protection, deliverance, health, healing, Miracles!

by Wandafay on 07/26/20

Thank you Lord!  

We bind!

by Wandafay on 07/26/20

We BIND Cancer! 
In children and adults!

We bind all sickness and disease!

In Jesus Christ's Holy Name!

We BIND accidents, crime, murder, rape, all crime!

We bind coronavirus!
We bind rioting and destruction!
We bind HATE and paranoia!
We bind mental illness!
We bind all evil! planned by people or unplanned directly planned by the devil!  IN JESUS CHRIST'S HOLY NAME!  Amen!

We bind lack and the fear of lack!

We bind blockages to God ordained relationships!


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Come in agreement with any part of the following words which represent prayer we are praying simply by saying Amen!  In addition you can go to previous days prayers and agree with those!  The power of God is multiplied beyond our understanding when YOU come in agreement with God led prayer!  Thank you!