More prayer

by Wandafay on 03/16/19

More healing for New Zealand victims of terror
More healing for our world against extremism
More healing for our country and world against political hate

Protection in the world against nuclear war attacks, and / or accidents!

North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, India, China, Venezuela, other countries

Protection of our power grid and infrastucture
Water supply, electrical grid, food supply, truckers safety, airline safety, etc.

Conviction of crime, burglary, break ins, rape, murder, violence, domestic violence, sexual predators (including from church, education, family, business, etc.)

Friday prayer update

by Wandafay on 03/15/19

Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque massacre

Prayer over President Trump

by Wandafay on 03/01/19

Prayer for President Trump - We bind the devil (Little g god of this world but NOT LORD), mind, body, soul, heart, intelligence, family, First Lady Melania, their marriage, Secret Service surrounding them - for their safety also, for President’s SAFETY, health, food, exercise, DAILY schedule, TEAM surrounding him and their families, All Trump family, ALL INVESTIGATIONS, evil “insurance policy” of all deep state past Obama, Hillary Clinton et al, DNC all corrupt their lives, souls saved, repentance, family .... all attacks on our President from every and I mean every corner of America and earth ... Hollywood, California, Business, Social Media - all attacks against Trump supporters, Congress, all attacks against Christians, Jewish, Conservative Blacks, all intigators that don’t get it, all never Trumpers, all NGO’s that are being used to do bad things all over the world, all renegade evil in middle east, all Military Generals to get the TRUTH about all things ... all MEDIA including Fox News to get the truth and stop being manipulated by the deceiver satan.  We BIND on earth and it shall be bound from heaven on all evil of the above.  WE lose the Holy Spirit, God to seek like a heat seeking missile in all areas of the above, pull up, and break up all follow ground including in the church Catholic and Protestant and all the deception of all time in God’s church and people.  Father all of this and touch all the people, all the homeless, down trodden, hurting, children, kids, schools, families, single moms and dads help to all all all starving, hurting in all of America and around the world help us all Lord Jesus we call on your mighty and holy name and thank you that your mercies are new every day!  IN THE NAME OF JESUS!  Amen


Touch North Korea, Kim Jon Un, Russia, China, Venezuela, all countries! 

More to come! 

Stay tuned and follow me on Twitter @Wandafay 

Friday - February 22, 2019 News and Prayer updates!

by Wandafay on 02/22/19

7.5 Earthquake Ecuador Peru border  We don't have the updates on this, but are praying about this recent breaking news!

Prayer over Catholic church gathering with the Pope on Priests sexual abuse over many many years.  Praying for the Church and the abused and abusers.

Praying for YOU whosoever to be SAFE, HEALTHY/HEALED, EVERY NEED MET!  Including for your love ones and friends! 

Praying against anxiety!

Praying against fear!

Praying over Nations and situations RUSSIA, CHINA, UKRAINE, NORTH KOREA, VENEZUELA, IRAN, SYRIA and any other Nation situation around the world.

ALWAYS praying over the United States of America in many many situations!  God bless America!  Help us work it out!

Praying against the enemy who loves to hijack the goodness of God! 

Stay in the Word, prayer, praise and worship!  We HAVE overcome because HE has overcome when He died on the cross and God raised Him from the dead!  We are seated with Him in heavenly places!  You ARE the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus! 


Love, Wandafay and
TEAM MorningStar International

The Wall

by Wandafay on 01/06/19

Prayer over the wall situation #PresidentTrump #Congress #Democrats #Republican #GOP #DNC Government back to work and pay and for those it affects on a real level.  TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THE DEVIL'S INFLUENCE, REBELLION, OBSTINENCE, POLITICAL HATRED and any childish behavior that would keep grown ups in Congress coming to an agreement!  IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!  The Anointing destroys the yoke!  This is America we are suppose to be able to work together, NOT against one another!  God bless our President!  And God bless America! 

Prayers over all areas of life

by Wandafay on 12/27/18

 1.  BIND - This taking authority over - Cyber attacks in all areas of our lives POWER GRID and all
 2.  Praying over our ELECTRICAL GRID, COMPUTERS, WATER SUPPLIES, FOOD SUPPLIES, Hospitals, First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, Care givers, Police, Military - all branches, Border Patrol
 3. PRESIDENT TRUMP, Melania, family, Cabinet, all in authority, Military, FBI, CIA, NSA, Congress, Supreme Court
 4. National Security, Nation, States, Cities, Towns,    NEIGHBORHOODS
 5. Individuals, HOMELESS, Marriages, Families
 6. Schools - all levels
 7. The unborn - LIFE
 8. God's Church
 9. BUSINESSES Small and large and Corporations
10. INTERNATIONAL - All areas of life! 
13. Provision


Protect, Heal, Provide

by Wandafay on 12/13/18

God protect us, YOU, your family from the enemy, the entity and entities behind the scenes, first of all, what the Bible talks about as, the devil, AS a roaring lion, no offense to lions, because we love lions, I do anyways, who goes about seeking whom he may devour,and we pray for protection from those who are led around by the devil AND their own evil, such as con artists, criminals and others, seeking also who may they devour!  We pray God HIDE US, YOU and your family and friends, neighbors, neighborhoods IN THE SECRET place of the Most High!  Psalm 91

We pray the blood of Jesus, there is still POWER in blood AND the Name of Jesus cover you, and God's Mighty Angels surround you, protect you!

We pray God give you health and if needed healing!  Send your Word Only Lord!  We lay hands on the sick, physically when available and/or by and through God's Holy Spirit, by Faith sending God's Word only to heal the sick, raise the dead, bless financially with every need met, job, new business, opportunity!  IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!  Amen! 

News and Prayer update

by Wandafay on 12/04/18

I want to share with you that just because you might not see here what we are praying about does not mean we are not praying!  We pray for big things happening in the news, but also for individuals, for you and your family, friends, neighbors, neighborhoods, towns and cities, in the United States of America first, but also Internationally.  Note: We are NOT "Internationalists" or "Globalists" look it up.  We simply think and care about people from the view point of God "For God so loved the world that He gave His Only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life."  John 3:16 

We encourage you also to pray for yourself, and loved ones, friends, family, loved ones first and those around you.  What happens to others affects YOU so it's not only an unselfish thing to do to pray and intercede for others around you, it is practical. 

For example.  Pray for your neighbors and neighborhoods.  Bind break ins, and all lawlessness.  Bind (Pray against - take authority over that destructive spirit of rebellion that hurts people). 

We'll be back to say more later! 

God bless!

Today's #NewsAndPrayer broadcast

by Wandafay on 10/28/18

*Devices sent to high level Democrats
*Horror at Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh

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