Calm down!

by Wandafay on 05/23/19

Calm down!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

by Wandafay on 05/22/19

Casting the devil out!


Governor of California

Drug addiction

All addiction

God's inheritance - Faith

Moving mountains

Teeth - Gums healed

Health - healing

Safety - Protection


Migration - Border security

Praising God - II Chronicles 20




Military - Soldiers - Troops

The unborn - Protection

Mothers - Fathers







Areas of crisis

by Wandafay on 05/20/19

The opioid crisis

The border crisis


Are Social media and tech giants simply Chinese operatives?

by Wandafay on 05/19/19

They seem to be inflicting and enforcing on U.S. Citizens through their "private" companies, "laws" that the Chinese Government, or North Korean Government might inflict on their subjects? 

While not all people of course are subject to the rigors of social media censorship, just a selected few to make examples of and inflict pain of fear that you cross this or that line whatever they may be at any given time, then you are out of here!  Banished from the Kingdom!  Deleted forever from our site.  Aborted, killed off! 


by Wandafay on 05/17/19

Grief of loss to those who are just experiencing this pain today and every day!  We pray God you would touch and comfort all who are grieving today about anything!  Please heal hearts, minds, souls of the trauma of life and death and any difficulties of living.  Please Lord alieve what you can and comfort, bring love, peace and joy to hearts, minds, lives!  IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

by Wandafay on 05/15/19

No war with anybody!  But we are always ready as hell!

Bind cyber crime and hackers hacking! 

Bring justice done to our President and those around him and to America in Trump's campaign and there after! 

PROTECT, healthy/healed, provide every need!

Border security!  The Wall!  Border Patrol!  ICE!
Police!  FBI!  CIA!  NSA! 

Stock market stabilization!
Economic stabilization!
Personal income and housing stabilization!
Marriage and family stabilization!

Tuesday May 14, 2019

by Wandafay on 05/14/19



Happy Monday May13, 2019

by Wandafay on 05/13/19

People who accuse President Trump falsely of things that are disgusting!  And that he opened a door to create them mainstream! 

I DENOUNCE THAT accusation!  It comes straight from hell and I curse it AT THE ROOT!  The root from where it comes is the very hate and vile, vicious lie from the heart of the accusers!  They have become paranoid, schizophrenic and psychotic!  God set them free from their own evil hearts of hate!  Convict them of their own sin of hate and accusations!  Set them free so they can have a happy life! 

As I pray for everyone, keep all safe, healthy/healed and every need supplies!

If these people want to chose Jesus Christ they can!  I won't beg! 


Sickness and disease

Wake up the Church - Protestant - on many things
They never (not all, there are many, but most ) are not speaking out against things or for things.  The sin of silence and omission. 

People of God are starving for the Word, but need to get into the Word for yourselves.  Do not make a god (little g, but not God) out of your Pastor or church!  Thou shalt not make any ....

Tolerance and hypocrisy


Happy Mother's Day

by Wandafay on 05/12/19

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 11, 2019

by Wandafay on 05/11/19

Los Angeles
Police Departments
LA County Sheriff
SAFETY and Wisdom, Strength
All needs supplied

As well as cities, towns, law enforcement
Prisons, jails
Sanctuary cities and states, Governors and mayors to be convicted by the Holy Spirit going against the grain and being enablers and the welcome wagon to great problems
BORDER PATROL are at a breaking point is what I'm hearing so GOD help and turn around this situation, protect, wisdom, strength

Wickedness in politics, vile, sinister, vicious attitudes causing not only physical harm, but psychological harms to our country, individuals and groups.

Hate of all sorts!  You name it we condemn it!  This is not the way God intended for humanity to live.  Strong ideas and debate, but agree to disagree and agree to give each other grace.

Social media anti-American censorship!

Mislabeling of people of all sorts!

God help us one and all! 

His mercies are new every day! 
His grace is sufficient!

Have a good day!

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