Keep praying Never stop

by Wandafay on 05/08/18

The prayers we pray in Christ and according to God's leading continue after the prayer is prayed.  


by Wandafay on 02/09/18

Along with CONTINUED PRAYERS, which is a very long list of things we have been and will continue to pray about for a very long time, which is also continually being revised.

All the things in the news that we pray about will not necessarily be listed here.  Also things we pray about for people on a personal level are not all shared here.  Just know we do pray for people on a personal level.    

Thank you so much!

Wanda Fay Gladwill
MorningStar International
God bless you!

Movie Stars

by Wandafay on 02/08/18

Actor Tom Cruise

Ongoing prayer

by Wandafay on 02/06/18

This is just a short list of many things we are praying about! 

MS13 and all GANGS and ALL CRIMES in America and around the world.  We have been praying about this for many years and will continue. 

North Korea * Iran * Yemen * Syria

Adam Schiff

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

by Wandafay on 01/31/18

9:00 a.m. Around this time it was reported that a train carrying GOP members traveling to a retreat in Virginia collided by a dump trump and one fatality ... apparently not of the GOP.  So far according to Fox News all the GOP members are okay but there may be some injuries possibly from hitting heads from the crash.  PLEASE see Fox News.  WE ARE PRAYING!

Earlier - Prayer for the gymnasts who were sexually assaulted by a so called doctor!  Will continue to pray for healing for the trauma resulting no doubt from all the years of this horror story!  I am so sorry for what has happened to wonderful, smart, beautiful, athletic, talented young women! 

Praying also for the bill created by Congress, that President Trump sign it immediately.  And if there are any at all glitches or need for it to be revised in any way before President Trump signs it that that will happen also! 

January 28, 2018

by Wandafay on 01/28/18

9:17  Afghanistan

Earlier morning!  All suffering people, in America and around the world: The sick, starving, hungry, homeless, Veterans, disabled - mentally and physically.  Doctors, nurses, care givers, Emergency, Firefighters, police / law enforcement - protection, wisdom, carefulness.  Gangs, neighborhoods, protection, prisons, educations, repentance, Jesus, Bible, Church, one in Christ, church "leaders" repentance, correct teaching, wall come down.  Politics, walls come down.  Mothers, fathers, children, safety, health, healing, miracles, deliverance. False accusations against the innocent.  Repentance, responsibility, understanding, wisdom!

UPDATE ON THE TRIP TO LA - Prayer for GANGS, PRISONS all up and down California, across our United States of America and around the world!  Will continue to pray of course and encourage you also to join in saying your AMEN from your heart and mouth to God's!  Thank you so much!  God can do this and we will give HIM all the glory for turning lives around!!! 

What we are praying about! Everything!

by Wandafay on 01/27/18

Besides everything we pray about every single day we are praying about breaking news and on watch 24/7.  We are praying for YOU also! 


by Wandafay on 09/09/17

Have been in prayer and will continue to be in prayer over #IRMAHurricane2017 and other pressing situations and including prayer for personal lives always in need ... we all are ...  continually in need of God's help!

#BannonGone GREAT!

by Wandafay on 08/18/17

We need him out here!  Trump needs him out here!  We need an Eagle among all the Vulgar Vultures #FakeNews #FakePeople #FakeNewsFakePeople!   #MSM #CNN et. al!  By the way Steve #Bannon is not a racist! 

Hillary Clinton should be in prison

by Wandafay on 07/18/17

CNN and all fake news networks should be talking about Hillary Clinton and her obstruction of justice!  PERIOD!

Deleting 30,000 emails, handing over two devices withOUT the sim cards, using a private server, handing over 20% of our uranium to Russia!  Where IS THE OUT CRY? 

Oh!  I forgot!  Ever since Donald J. Trump was elected our President all hell has come against him for NOTHING! 

GOD ALMIGHTY IS WATCHING!  Hell will be full of unrepentant "leaders" and so called journalists! 

Better RUN to Jesus and run to Him as fast as you can! 

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