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Good morning Good day!

by Wandafay on 04/26/17

Happy Wednesday!  Have a great, safe, wonderful day!

President Trump's Supreme Court nominated Neil Gorsuch's second day at Capitol Hill

by Wandafay on 03/21/17

Neil Gorsuch is sitting before the Senate Judicial Committee again today for the second day.  He's doing great.  I haven't watched the entire hearing.  He is being asked questions by Republicans and Democrats on the committee.  Neither side is being easy on him but his answers are precise as he takes into mind the Law above all.  He is refusing to be political or answer political questions.  Refreshing!

Rachel Maddow!

by Wandafay on 03/15/17

Hahahahahaha!  Bless you!

They're insisting President Trump's proof of wiretapping but .....

by Wandafay on 03/13/17

They are demanding President Trump prove his accussation that President Obama wire tapped him while as a Presidential candidate.  I demand they prove the Russians helped Mr. Trump win the Presidency as they for so long now have driven the narrative!  -Wf

Debunking "far right" name labels

by Wandafay on 03/12/17

It really makes me sick how the liberal left media and everybody and their dog has been and still continues to label regular good ol' Americans whether it be people and/or media as "far right".  This is short and to the point and I don't have any examples off the top of my Sunday morning relaxed state of mind.  But it's all just a bunch of BS bolony sandwich!!!!  They really need to STOP IT and that is my prayers!

Blogging frustration

by Wandafay on 03/11/17

Very frustrated with this!

Have a great day!

by Wandafay on 03/11/17

Hello everybody!  It's Saturday!  Have a great day!  Be SAFE, healthy/healed, blessed!  Love you!  -Wf

You are blessed

by Wandafay on 01/24/16

You are blessed!  Believe it!  Receive it!  Live it!  Give Him glory!  Simple!

Paris France * San Bernardino, California USA

by Wandafay on 12/05/15

Prayers for Paris and now San Bernardino, California where acts of terrorism on the innocent by the cruel cowardly evil!

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Tear down this political correctness!