Thy Kingdom come!

by Wandafay on 07/21/24

Your mercies are new every morning, Lord!  Thank you so much!

Our Father who art in heaven!  Hallowed be Thy Name!  
Thy Kingdom come!  Thy will be done!  On earth as it is in heaven!
Give us this day our daily bread!  Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!  For Thine is the Kingdom and the Glory and the Power!  Forever and ever, Amen!  In Jesus Name!  Amen!

Healing and protection from traumas

by Wandafay on 04/28/24

Actually severe traumas!  

Sunday prayer!

by Wandafay on 03/17/24


Great stability
Sickness and physical problems chronicle and lingering!
Restoration and recovery

Saturday prayer!

by Wandafay on 03/16/24

Children - Parents - Families

Single moms and dads
Political labels making people sick and twisted!  
Psychological game players at many levels
Vicious political game players at many levels and areas

If My People who are called by My Name ... If God's church ...


by Wandafay on 03/03/24


Fires in Texas

Snow West Coast


Help Lord

by Wandafay on 02/28/24

Help people who are feeling very down, today, Lord!  We bind depression, sadness, fear, terror, accidents, mental illness, lack!  Remove everything that is NOT of you, Lord!  In Jesus Name!  Amen!


Amen! Monday, February 4, 2024

by Wandafay on 02/05/24

The poor

The homeless
The verging on the edge - Financially, mentally, emotionally, parents, children, singles, lawmakers, leaders, countries
Dear God!  We ask that you intervene!  Lift people UP and OUT in whatever situation!  IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

Thanksgiving to God!

by Wandafay on 02/04/24

Thank you so much for all your help, Lord!

Saturday prayer!

by Wandafay on 02/03/24

Down to REAL life in the lives of all and especially God's children, family, church!  Raise us up, Lord!  Protect, save, heal completely, deliver completely, bless financially and in every way completely!

#PrayerDrive today!  #California rain!  God has NOT given up on California!  #Oregon

It is finished!

by Wandafay on 01/24/24

Waiting on the Lord!

Grace for every situation!
Needs met in abundance!
Promises of God and His LOVE!
Help, Lord!
Heal, Lord!
Deliver, Lord!  

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Come in agreement with any part of the following words which represent prayer we are praying simply by saying Amen!  In addition you can go to previous days prayers and agree with those!  The power of God is multiplied beyond our understanding when YOU come in agreement with God led prayer!  Thank you!
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