Have mercy on us and on the whole world!

by Wandafay on 04/02/20

Turn this around LORD!
YOU said in YOUR Word NOTHING is impossible with God!
So turn it around NOW LORD!

Satan and your coronavirus we BIND YOU!  Get OFF and OUT of the people!  Stop and desist!  IN THE MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! 


Send your Word ONLY LORD! 

We give you GLORY!

Let the people remember is was YOU who turn this around!

A couple weeks ago I believed for it to turn around and it to not turn around, but that is when it started to turn around!

TODAY is another milestone!
We do NOT put up with this! 
We curse it at the root of EVERY coronavirsus CELL die!!!!!!!!!!
NOW never to replicate again!  YOU must die at the root NOW
NOT able to replicate!  GET OUT and slither back to hell NOW
satan and your disease of coronavirus and all other diseases!



Lord have mercy!

by Wandafay on 04/01/20

Help people continue to be extremely aware and take extreme precautions to be safe, do what is necessary, if not essential worker, stay home, stay inside, discinfect packages, mail, food delivery, 6 feet physical distancing I SAY 10 to 20 feet.  Were gloves getting mail, handling packages, cough into sleeve, kleenex, then throw away, wash hands, PRAY PRAY PRAY!

Prayer for first responders, firemen, EMTS, doctors, nurses, President Trump, V.P. Pence and task force, all involved, secret service, law enforcement, grocery workers, delivery workers, drivers, Walmart workers, Amazon workers, all farmers, manufacturers, TRUCK DRIVERS, cars, high ways, sky ways, boat way, Military, Coast Guard, UPS, FedEx drivers, UPS stores, United States Post Office, local police and officials, state officials, federal officials, FEMA, National Guard, GOVERNORS! 

All pastors, church that they would comply! 

God have mercy! 

On the sick and dying that God would supernaturally intervene and send miracles of healing!

Businesses, owners, employees God hold up and give hope!

For the money to get to the people easily!

Social security!

Families of loved ones lost in this pandemic, comfort in extreme pain of losing love ones!  Comfort!

Lord have mercy! 

Stay focused full of hope, faith and love!

by Wandafay on 03/31/20


Adding thoughts and prayer to this morning's prayer
Keep in mind also I/we CONTINUE to pray all the previous prayers before by watering them.  THOSE prayers continue in the heart of God!  HE does NOT let them go.  They continue with Him

MORE prayer over all the death, dead, dying that God would help it stop.  PRAYER over the loved ones ... all of them who have lost loved ones from this pandemic.  We lift them up in the arms of God!

Mental stability and strength for all who are going through this in our country United States of America and around the world! 

PEACE over all our broken hearts over the President and his broken heart over our country!  He truly cares and for those who do not believe it!  SHAME on YOU! 

God bless and keep and all of us! 


Love, Wandafay and prayer team


We come against deliriousness
Father help people stay focused KNOWING that this too shall pass and we may come out of it even sooner that expected IF WE FOLLOW all the rules, clamp down and run this coronavirus back to hell from which it came, NOT giving it a body to occupy and destroy!  WE DESTROY IT! 

Giving thanks! Asking God for more help!

by Wandafay on 03/29/20

Giving thanks in spite of this #Coronavirus hell
To God
Food workers

Seniors who are in their homes
Please God help them and fill in the cracks
All household needs when people cannot come in the house
Father God

All those who are suffering with this virus
God send healing miracles

Father in all areas of suffering

We BIND suicides and giving up
We BIND anxiety, fear, terror

Help all the children
Single moms and dads


Mental suffering

All countries
All countries

All states
All towns and cities
New York City

The Church
All in between and outside the box

Anything I am not mentioning here Lord

President Trump and all officials at every level
All Law enforcement

Everybody I have not mentioned

Thank you Lord!
Please have mercy God
Send your Word only and HEAL, DELIVER!


Peace over anxiety and stress!

by Wandafay on 03/28/20

Help everybody NOW Lord!
To stay calm!
Give us all peace!
Love to each other

Wisdom to all
To those who are freaking out rightly so!  Let's face it!
Help them to adjust quickly and be refreshed, see the good in circumstances even if it seems like there is non! 

God have mercy and stop the bleeding!  Stop the pain!
STOP the coronavirus!

We BIND anxiety and stress and all health and mental issues that are trying to come because of this pandemic!

To all Lord no matter who!  or where, what location, town, city, state, country! 

Father we call upon YOU!  IN THE MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME OF JESUS!  Amen! 


by Wandafay on 03/28/20

Just like in the Old Testament when the Children of Israel went in and out of believing God, this is where we are today!  Not for everybody!  Some would misinterpret what I am saying!  I am NOT saying do not OBEY authorities, for us here in California, Governor Gavin Newsom, and the various Mayors.  YOU can TRUST God and obey authorities at the same time!  BUT also!  Nobody is praying.  I mean people are praying, but there is no evidence that the Church has returned to My Father's House is a house of prayer!  Just as when many Churches, Christians and Pastors did NOT stand up and support our President, those same GENERALLY!  I will not judge.  The Father has put all judgment in the hand of His Son.

Today's prayer

Continued prayer AGAINST coronavirus
Continued prayer for HEALING miracles
Continued prayer for our country, world and all leaders!

I'll be back to add more as the Lord leads!

Scroll through previous posts and come in agreement with those!

I won't beg!

God bless!


by Wandafay on 03/27/20

FINALLY!  The bill passed! 
BUT it was too late!
Glad it passed!  Unbearable that it did NOT pass sooner!

IT needs to get OUT to the people SOONER!

Now we are going to need another ONE! 

WE NEED GOD TO TURN THIS VIRUS AROUND and send it back to HELL!  NOW!!  Come in agreement with me!  I am tired of people NOT believing in the power of God!  Okay!  I'll believe!  Will YOU agree with me!
AND NOT Only send Coronavirus back to hell, but cancer and all diseases TOO!  Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, aneurysms, blood clots, dementia!  JESUS HEALED THEM ALL  JESUS HEALED ALL THE PEOPLE OF ALL DISEASE!  THANK YOU LORD!  IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

Lord have mercy!

by Wandafay on 03/23/20

Help CONGRESS TODAY right NOW come to agreement on a financial package!  IN THE MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME OF JESUS!

Heal!  Send miracles of healing LORD!

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Father!  IN JESUS NAME! 

Help people repent!
Send forgiveness!

Rescue humanity LORD!

You said in your Word you mercies are NEW every morning!

Thank YOU! 

Love, Wandafay!

Prophetic Voices

by Wandafay on 03/22/20

Bannon is a prophetic voice!

President Trump is a prophetic voice with a Pastor's heart! 

God who knows all things we call on you IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOUR SON!  Amen!

We ARE doing this!

by Wandafay on 03/21/20

We ARE doing this!
We ARE going to get through this
We ARE strong!
We ARE able!
We ARE full of HOPE!
We ARE full of FAITH!
We ARE full of doing what we need to DO!
Staying in
Social Distancing!
Protecting ourselves and loved ones!
God be over it and us ALL!

Love, Wandafay!

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Come in agreement with any part of the following words which represent prayer I am praying simply by saying Amen!  In addition you can go to previous days prayers and agree with those!  Thank you!  The power of God is multiplied beyond our understanding when YOU come in agreement with God led prayer!  God bless YOU!
Stay in!
Stay HOME!