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by Wandafay on 09/09/17

Have been in prayer and will continue to be in prayer over #IRMAHurricane2017 and other pressing situations and including prayer for personal lives always in need ... we all are ...  continually in need of God's help!

#BannonGone GREAT!

by Wandafay on 08/18/17

We need him out here!  Trump needs him out here!  We need an Eagle among all the Vulgar Vultures #FakeNews #FakePeople #FakeNewsFakePeople!   #MSM #CNN et. al!  By the way Steve #Bannon is not a racist! 

Hillary Clinton should be in prison

by Wandafay on 07/18/17

CNN and all fake news networks should be talking about Hillary Clinton and her obstruction of justice!  PERIOD!

Deleting 30,000 emails, handing over two devices withOUT the sim cards, using a private server, handing over 20% of our uranium to Russia!  Where IS THE OUT CRY? 

Oh!  I forgot!  Ever since Donald J. Trump was elected our President all hell has come against him for NOTHING! 

GOD ALMIGHTY IS WATCHING!  Hell will be full of unrepentant "leaders" and so called journalists! 

Better RUN to Jesus and run to Him as fast as you can! 

Happy 4th of July Independence Day 2017

by Wandafay on 07/04/17

Have a wonderful, safe, GREAT day America!  God bless America! 

Today another day to be grateful

by Wandafay on 06/20/17

Another day to be grateful! 

Have an awesome day people!

by Wandafay on 06/12/17

Good morning!  Have an awesome day! 

Prayer over the North Korea situation

by Wandafay on 04/28/17

Father, we lift up our President and his advisors and Generals and ask that you give him wisdon on how to handle the situation in North Korea.  IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!

Good morning Good day!

by Wandafay on 04/26/17

Happy Wednesday!  Have a great, safe, wonderful day!

President Trump's Supreme Court nominated Neil Gorsuch's second day at Capitol Hill

by Wandafay on 03/21/17

Neil Gorsuch is sitting before the Senate Judicial Committee again today for the second day.  He's doing great.  I haven't watched the entire hearing.  He is being asked questions by Republicans and Democrats on the committee.  Neither side is being easy on him but his answers are precise as he takes into mind the Law above all.  He is refusing to be political or answer political questions.  Refreshing!

Rachel Maddow!

by Wandafay on 03/15/17

Hahahahahaha!  Bless you!

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