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by Wandafay on 10/28/18

*Devices sent to high level Democrats
*Horror at Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Hurricanes and missing journalist

by Wandafay on 10/15/18

For the people in the aftermath of TWO HUGE HURRICANES!

Situation with Journalist at Saudi Embassy in Turkey - is he dead?  And if he is how did he die?  Was he murdered?  If so, by who?  We don't know any of these questions, but the mainstream media continues to speculate!  So let's speculate!  Where is he?  Can we find him, if he's dead or alive?  Parts unknown?  Not a cruel joke.  They are already saying somebody did the unthinkable.  Why do they say this?  What gives them the inclination something so horrible happened to someone they have no proof of anything!  I cannot even speak it or write it!  So Father, I lift it up to you and ask you please give us the answers!  IN JESUS NAME!  Amen

UPDATE of News and Prayer - Comment

by Wandafay on 10/01/18

Hello!  Just popping in here to let you all know in case you're wondering what I/we are praying about!  - Pretty much everything fluid in the news that we know, that comes across our attention. 

Today continuing to pray about the Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh situation, as well as the Indonesian catastrophe, and any other thing that comes up.  I am sorry I don't tell you more specifics on a regular basis, but it's always too much to keep up.  Just KNOW that we are!

And on a personal level, we are always in continual prayer over SAFETY, HEALTH AND HEALING, MIRACLES, NEEDS MET, jobs, employment, business, small and large, prosperity for people, mental health, deliverance from any bad situation, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol addiction, countries where there are problems, salvation of souls, the church, government, leaders, families, friends, loved ones, babies, the unborn, chose life. politics! 

God bless YOU! 

California fires

by Wandafay on 08/11/18

You might hate California and want it to fall into the ocean!  Check your own heart and attitude if that is where you stand.  Be careful what you wish for does NOT come around to bite you on your own ass!  Yes, I don't like Jerry Brown our Governor and the Democrat leadership in California basically stinks!  Hopefully we can slowly but surely turn that around.  But I wouldn't want FIRE to hurt my worse enemy!  Would you?

So we are praying against the fires in California or anywhere else around our country or world.  Just say your amen if you agree!  Thank you so much!  Love, Wandafay, MorningStar International - News and Prayer!

Chicago - Gun violence, shootings, gangs

by Wandafay on 08/06/18

Continuing to pray over Chicago.  It has been reported there were 63 shootings and 10 deaths over the weekend in Chicago.  Please do your own research on the facts and numbers, but this should concern every body, every Pastor in America!  Can we at the very least come together even right here and come in agreement to pray and BIND this behavior and ask God to stop it, intervene and help the entire disgusting on going chronic problem in Chicago?  JUST SAY YOUR AMEN!  from your heart!  You don't even have to like me or acknowledge that I exist!  Thank YOU Lord!  IN JESUS NAME AMEN!  

What we are praying about!

by Wandafay on 08/01/18

If there are things here that you agree with please simply come in agreement in your heart and say amen! 

Prayer for missing children and adults ... people

Prayer over the wild fires all over ... California.

Prayer over the opioid crises and other addictions

Prayer over mental illness and psychological problems. 

Prayer over the unborn.  Prayer over those who have had abortion.  Prayer God would touch the hearts of those tempted to have abortion that they would choose life for their child!

Prayer over caregivers.  Prayer for homes for live-in caregivers that God would make a way for them to have their own homes after giving all to care for others. 

Prayer over culture! 

Prayer over the homeless.

In addition there are things we are in continual prayer over as the Lord leads. 

Prayer over our President and leaders in our nation, God's Church and leaders around the world.

Prayer over International news and events.

Prayer over you, that God keep you and your loved ones safe, healthy / healed and every need met! 

In Jesus Christ's Holy Name!  Amen!

Keep praying Never stop

by Wandafay on 05/08/18

The prayers we pray in Christ and according to God's leading continue after the prayer is prayed.  


by Wandafay on 02/09/18

Along with CONTINUED PRAYERS, which is a very long list of things we have been and will continue to pray about for a very long time, which is also continually being revised.

All the things in the news that we pray about will not necessarily be listed here.  Also things we pray about for people on a personal level are not all shared here.  Just know we do pray for people on a personal level.    

Thank you so much!

Wanda Fay Gladwill
MorningStar International
God bless you!

Movie Stars

by Wandafay on 02/08/18

Actor Tom Cruise

Ongoing prayer

by Wandafay on 02/06/18

This is just a short list of many things we are praying about! 

MS13 and all GANGS and ALL CRIMES in America and around the world.  We have been praying about this for many years and will continue. 

North Korea * Iran * Yemen * Syria

Adam Schiff

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