#PersistentPrayer : PRAY BIG


by Wandafay on 09/01/19

Sunday, September 1, 2019 a.m. PT

God continue to TURN Hurricane Dorian out toward the Atlantic ocean to the RIGHT of all the little island and the Bahamas and USA!  Go away Dorian!  Get!  Be gone!  Dissipate!  We BIND YOU!  We reBUKE you!  We take authority over you!  IN the HOLY NAME of JESUS ... NAME above all names including Hurricane Dorian! 

Texas shooting - Prayer for healing for those injured by this hate filled psycho!  Prayer against politicians and liberals, hate filled people who always USE these horrible situations for their political agenda!  They don't give a HOOT about the victims and why it happened!  They just always will USE it to further their political careers to keep them in power!  LETS begin to condemn the BAD behavior of people.  Hate and rage is WRONG!  Taking your rage and hate on anybody is WRONG!  NAUGHTY NAUGHTY SHAME SHAME SHAME it is WRONG!  When will we begin to speak to the real problems.  Blaming guns gets us no where!  SHAME on politicians for USING this at the expense of hurting people!  GOD HEAL those who are so far from human help.  HELP and heal them emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, family, marriage!

So much to pray about!  Please begin if you haven't!  Please continue if you have!  Do NOT think for one little second God does not hear your prayers!  He does!   #PersistentPrayer


I'll be back to add to this list!  Maybe later!

Hong Kong
President Xi

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